Exciting Announcement!

Happy Monday all!

I have heard from many today, including myself, the ever-wonderful Monday groanings. I encourage you and myself, to embrace Mondays and give thanks to God that we have yet another day of life!

With that said...

I am very excited for what I am about to announce! Over the past few months, Roderick L. Barnes, Sr (Teaching Pastor of Alamo Stone Church), Ikki Soma (Pastor of College and Singles at Wayside Chapel) and myself have been placing together a 30 Day Devotional. Within the last couple of weeks, I have squared away the manuscript and we are now going to move into the final phase before publishing! I am so very blessed to have 10 of my own devotionals in there. 

To give you all a sneak peak, there are 10 from me, 10 from Rod, and 10 from Ikki. We are going to get a good marketing strategy in place in the next coming weeks and so keep your eyes and ears peeled for more info to come!

In the book, you just might get a poem or creative work in each of my devotionals as well :)!

What is our goal in publishing this?

To encourage everyone to have daily devotion with God. 

More information to come, but again, I am stoked & jumping for joy. See...

Jumping for Joy!

Have Daily Devotion with God Today & Everyday,