To Those Who Wait, Part I

Waiting is difficult, so very difficult for us all...

Personally, I used to be the most inpatient person I knew. I didn't want to wait for my prince, I didn't want to wait to graduate high school and go to college, and I still have a hard time waiting to see a lot of my dreams come to pass. I wanted it all then and there or even, now. Waiting is still a challenge but God has taught me the value in waiting. He has instilled a new desire in me--the desire to want to please Him first and foremost and when I wait on Him, I know it is one of the best "I love You's" my Father can hear from my lips because it displays TRUST in Him. 

Many know my testimony but I know some do not. But, back when I broke my back and went through 2 major surgery's, I played the waiting game like nobody's business. Would I ever walk again? Would I ever dance again? Would I graduate from high school? Would I get to go to college? Who would want to be with a girl that has a back of an 80 year old woman? These questions suffused my mind constantly. 

God had me wait...
   ...and wait
             ...and wait

and wait.

I am so very thankful He did because the waiting process during that time brought me to my knees, at the cross, and wrapped in the arms of the one true God. 

Ladies and Gents, I know so many of you that are not wanting or willing to wait. You complain because you are not in a relationship or married, you murmur about not being graduated yet--it's taking too long, you grumble that God is unfair and has forgotten your dream, and the list goes on.

He hasn't forgotten.

And you know what I learned through it all? God usually didn't budge on things until I was content in Him and Him alone. I would forget that God doesn't live in time. 

"But our God is in heaven;

         He does whatever He pleases" Psalm 115:3 (NKJV)

However, we do live in time and it bites sometimes, but we have to remember that He doesn't and that He has a perfect plan. Do you think that when we get to Heaven we are going to ask God, what took you so long to bring me my wife or husband? Or, God why did I have to wait so long to see my dream come to pass? I think not. In fact, it usually ends up that once we get one thing we were desiring, we just have yet another thing lined-up in the midst, so we usually always have something we are waiting on.

WHEN all along its awaiting the return of our King that we should be the most inpatient for. He tells us to be ready for that day (Luke 21:34-36)

So while we are here on earth and on this wilderness journey (Exodus 16). Until we learn to be still, wait on Him, and are so content with just Him, what makes us think we are going to instantly retrieve those dreams and desires we don't want to wait for? However, He loves us so much that He does give us so much. He impregnates dreams in us, stirs up desires, and He grants us so very much. Oh how He loves us indeed! He simply wants us to trust and wait on Him, His timing. There is a purpose for those who wait, He promises. 

Here is a song from one of my favorite female-led bands, Fireflight. It's a song For Those Who Wait. Listen, sing it to the Lord, and I encourage you to sit at His feet and out-loud, vocally let our amazing Father know that you are willing and wanting to wait. Trust Him and know that He he has plans for your future, plans to prosper you and not to harm you (Jeremiah 29:11).

Wait on Him Today,