Behind Every Incredible Mom...

Happy Happy Mother's Day!

I can't believe I'm getting to celebrate this day with two precious girls. It is both and honor and blessing to be Emmy and Elly's momma. My heart is extremely full today! 

I don't know about you, but the month of May snuck up on me! And as I started thinking and planning for all of the wonderful things we have going on this month (it's a jam-packed month by the way and I'm trying to keep my cool), I knew I wanted to do a special post for all the moms holding it down. And by it, I mean everything, because what doesn't a mother do? But then that very statement got me thinking...

I know I couldn't do, let alone be, everything I am as a mother without a most-gracious God, some vital people, and a strong calling. These things keep me grounded, encouraged, and moving!

So I'm going to turn this around and shine some light on the very things that help shape me as a mom, that help shape us as moms. Though we are all different, this is a time to count our blessings and let the extra lovin' overwhelm our full momma hearts. 


Behind Every Incredible Mom is a Most-Gracious God

"GOD, your Redeemer, who shaped your life in your mother’s womb, says: “I am GOD. I made all that is. With no help from you I spread out the skies and laid out the earth.”" -Isaiah‬ ‭44‬:‭24‬,MSG

He made ALL that is. God made me. God made you. And having children, whether we carried them in our wombs, adopted, or fostered, creates in us a whole different kind of love, care, and appreciation for life. We place these precious miracles before ourselves. We sacrifice. We do whatever it takes to keep them safe, healthy, and happy. And God, the God Who created ALL, loves us even more! My heart and mind go into a frenzy when I try to comprehend how much He loves us. I look at my children and my eyes swell-up with tears just thinking about the love I have for them. God instills that in us. Without His love, His grace, and His mercy, we wouldn't be able to love our children with a true, unconditional, and selfless love.

Our Redeemer also grants never-ending grace. I have never beaten myself up more, expected more of myself, or been more worried about failing in my life then when I became a mom. And because of that, grace is abundantly needed. Even more so, grace towards ourselves is a must. It took many crazy and messy moments to get to that gracious place for me. I'm still a work in progress, but that's just it—our God never runs out of grace.



So for the nursing mom who finds herself frustrated with her little one during yet another midnight feeding, there is grace. For the mom who finds herself yelling all of the time out of frustration, there is grace. For the mom who finds herself crying in the closet with a chocolate bar, there is grace. For the mom who feels guilty about ordering takeout yet again, there is grace. The pressure may always seem to be there, but grace is always there and what matters!

Behind Every Incredible Mom Are Vital People

No matter what your situation is as a mom (single, working, stay-at-home etc), there are vital people in our lives that encourage, help, and sharpen us. My husband, Philip is one of those for me. In fact, he's the most vital person in my life. So much has changed in our generation in regards to the role of the father. Back in the day, fathers weren't known for helping nearly as much as they do now—changing diapers, feeding the baby, watching the kids so momma can go out with the girls, etc. I'm not saying those fathers didn't exist, but it just wasn't that way most of the time.

I am beyond thankful for Philip. He does SO much and that keeps me sane! He'll come home from work and the first thing he asks is what can he do for me. Ah, I'm already getting emotional just thinking about how he loves and serves me on the daily. When we are out, he isn't one of those dad's that leaves me to watch the kids while he hangs out with everyone else. He makes sure I get at least a couple of hours out of the house each week alone. He will cook at least one meal a week. He plays with the girls even after a long, exhausting day. He changes diapers. He bathes the girls. He prays with and for us. He speaks God's word over us. He disciplines and corrects. He guides. He comforts. He is an amazing head of this household, being Christ to me and his girls constantly. I'm truly overwhelmed by his love and care for us.

He is definitely my vital person, but family also falls into that category. My mom is beyond helpful, loving, and encouraging. The example she sets for me is simply beautiful. My dad serves so selflessly, is strong, God-fearing, and an amazing leader. My siblings love on my children so much and push me towards my goals constantly. THANK YOU vital people. You are applauded, loved, and are our God-sends. Moms cannot be all that we are without you!


Behind Every Incredible Mom is a Strong Calling

I blogged about our calling as moms a while back but I've just got to repeat a little ;) We are so called as mothers! It's not a job, duty, passion (though it does require a bit of a passionate vibe). It is truly a calling! God laid out the path of motherhood before us. It is unique and so important.

Embrace your calling. Love your calling. Encourage other mommas in their calling. Be a mighty oak tree (blog coming soon on that by the way). Spread those roots, dig them down deep. Your branches will only spread as far as your roots are. You bear life, so also stand up for life. You can cover so much and fit so many under your care and shade. Embrace it. Love it. You are called.

So here's to you, you incredible momma you! Enjoy today, enjoy everyday. We have so much to be thankful for, to praise God for.

Oh, and enjoy some more pictures of my little ones because they've just been too darn cute lately!



Cheers mommas,