Sloan’s High-End Touch-Free Sink

cool-image5 As a legendary craftsman of high-end sinks and bathroom finishes since 1906, Sloan set out to integrate their best contemporary products into one streamlined, revolutionary system, the AER-DEC™. Addressing designer concerns while also improving efficiency and fostering a healthier high-traffic environment, the AER-DEC shows how forward-thinking design can improve user experiences while also enhancing aesthetics anywhere. Parthiv Amin, VP of marketing at Sloan, calls it a, “Technical feat in achieving a combination of soap, rinse and dry in a patented basin, which is customizable to the architects and designers liking, has been a step forward in Sloan’s innovative solutions.”


Those who’ve never really put much thought into washing their hands won’t be able to go back to ordinary sinks after they use the sleek AER-DEC integrated sink system. Smart from the inside out, architects and designers can customize the AER-DEC to match their vision and make the most of the space they have to work with, starting with a variety of materials and shapes for the patent-pending AirBasin™. Silestone®, Dupont®, or Zodiaq® Quartz are available in a hundred colors and every basin can be shaped to fit a tight alcoves or float as a focal point themselves.