Try new things


Yesterday we introduced Emarosa to baby food! It's an exciting new season in all of our lives. For us, it means the start of weaning her off of nursing and onto grownup food. For her, it means growth and yum! Either ways, change and growth are going to be experienced all around. This reminded me of how in life, there are seasons of change which we might not be ready to jump into. Do I want my baby to grow, wean off of me? No! I want her to stay little for as long as possible, but then that wouldn't enable her to grow into the healthy little girl and one day, woman that I want her to be.

Is it new and unfamiliar territory for her as she experiences less of mommy and more of different foods, yes! But if she didn't learn and try the foods, she would be missing out on the nutrients and growth she would otherwise experience.

And today (perfect timing), she also started cutting a tooth! She's been in pain as her gums have swelled up and the tooth pushes its way through.

So where do you think I'm going with this? ;) Sometimes with growth, comes pain and loss of comfort.

In the end, she'll always have her mommy and daddy there to help her along the way. But in the end if we don't let her grow, and if she doesn't venture out and try new things, growth won't and can't happen.

We'll teach her to eat, we'll comfort her when she's in pain, and we'll love on her like crazy!

Aren't you glad God teaches, comforts, and loves us like crazy too?

Don't be afraid to try the new things He's leading you in today. He's got you. Just keep going :)




Always growing,

Erica and Emarosa Joy