Best of Both Worlds

This week I have been doing a devotional on prayer. I have been evaluating my prayer life, seeing how much I have changed in this area recently. What have I come to realize?

Prayer is not only powerful, but it is simple communication with my Father, with my Ruler. It is a love letter to Him, a whisper of thanks, a cry for help, and a joy inexpressible.
How am I deserving of coming before the throne of the God of our universe? How?
Prayer depicts more of His love for me. His love pushes me before His throne, His love brings me to my knees, His love causes my voice to rise, and His love leads my hand to a page to bring Him any kind of possible glory I can. His love for me makes me want to pray MORE.
I have been meditating on who my God is, especially in regards to how I approach Him in my prayer life.
Here is something I wrote at lunch time the other day while at work. I challenge you to meditate on who He is as well--look at out how you go before His throne, before His feet, and may your prayer life flourish as you marvel at His love for you.
When I Come Before Your Throne
Sweet Heavenly Father
Sovereign Mighty King

Romantic Peace Maker
Alpha and Omega, Ruler of Everything
Kind and Gentle Daddy
Jealous and Powerful God
You are both Abba Father and Complete Ruler of all
I can rest in Your arms
and bow before Your throne

I can be swept off of my feet
and carried by the strongest of arms
I can weep with overflowing love
and tremble before Your outstretched hands
All in all I see when I come before Your throne, you are both
God of the Universe
and my Best Friend
The disciples only ever asked Jesus to teach them one thing: "Now it came to pass, as He was praying in a certain place, when He ceased, that one of His disciples said to Him, “Lord, teach us to pray, as John also taught his disciples."" -Luke 11:1

Christ is the ultimate example. He is the Son of God and still prayed all of the time. How much more should we pray?

Receive the Best of Both Worlds--God and Friend,