BIG Week, BIG Changes, BIG Announcements, and a BIG ol' Belly.

The title says it all folks...this week has been B-I-G and definitely one for the BIG books. Let me catch you up on a few things. First of all, I am going on 32 weeks preggo! How did I get this far along so quickly?! This pregnancy is flying by and I am doing my best to hold this kiddo in after two trips to L&D to stop contractions. Yup, he was wanting to come out into the world a tad bit early but momma and daddy ain't ready and neither are my nurses and doctor. So daily meds it is to keep him in until it's time. So far, so good! img_6784img_6850

And because going on 32 weeks pregnant with two toddlers isn't enough, I have had two additional major life changes happen this week (both of which I have prayed immensely for so I am not complaining one bit...quite the opposite). Drumroll please...I am overjoyed to announce the following:

1.) After a few interviews and hoping and praying that I would be able to join the staff at our amazing, Godsend church, I was offered the job as their new Copywriter! Without hesitation, I accepted this incredible opportunity. This has been my prayer for almost 2 years since we started going to Celebration but like many things, God wanted me to practice patience. But, He has fulfilled His promises and at a beautiful time like He always does. I am definitely going to give this my all until I pop and then get right back at it. Getting to write for our church, for the Kingdom, is a dream. I have so many hopes and dreams for where this will take me, but more importantly, for who will be impacted and reached. May the words He gives me bring people to Him!

And to top it all off, our little ladies (and soon to arrive little man) are being cared for at church just down the hall from me in their learning center. What could be better? God over-delivered and I am awestruck. I already feel part of their family!















2.) And because you know me, I just couldn't stop there... There is another area I have been extremely passionate about and where I have connected with a community of women who have greatly altered the direction of my life for the better and for the more organized--The Happy Planner community! Me and My Big Ideas (MAMBI) has become a staple name and obsession in my household. Their products fuel my organized and creative mind like none other. From my DIY party mode madness to my Happy Planner addiction, MAMBI has helped me to truly live more creatively and to connect with all kinds of women throughout the country with similar passions. Because of this connection, I have been challenged to learn even more in the creative arena--graphics, photography, calligraphy, and the list goes on. I am very much an amateur in these areas still, but the drive to learn is real and I am loving it!  So after diving all-in to this creative and inspiring community, I took the plunge and applied for their 2016-2017 Design Team. And drum roll please...





I am beside myself to be a part of this design team! Click here for the official MAMBI blog and to go follow all of these amazing ladies.

God has been too good to His daughter this week. He has answered so many prayers. The years of waiting has been hard but beyond worth it. I am going to soak up all of this creative time of doing His work and then, have my sweet baby boy and keep on keeping on with it all. I have never felt more at peace to be doing all I am called to, including being a momma to some of the cutest littles to ever walk this earth.

God grant me wisdom to balance all You have equipped and empowered me to do, puh-lease!

Lastly, this blog is finally going to be getting some constant TLC with all-things MAMBI and, of course, with my usual life happenings and random ramblings. So be prepared! ;) Follow along and I hope you are inspired to go after all you are dreaming and called to do too, because YOU are called to greatness and this world needs it babe (or dude)!


And as always,