Be The Person You Want to Marry

There are very few people, if any at all, who will get to know the real you—your dreams and passions, the little things that frustrate or annoy you, or exactly how you like your coffee in the morning. Many of you are searching for it right now, while others have found it and either take it for granted or cherish it dearly. I'd like to believe I'm always the latter but I know I've taken my spouse for granted at times... 5 Years Strong (philip and erica)

And here we are, 5 years strong and only getting stronger. Still I can't believe that over 5 years ago, I was captured—all of me. He knew me better than most at the time and he served me like no one ever had before. And now, he really knows me better than anyone on this earth and still serves me like no else. He sees my blind spots, he can read the meaning behind each facial expression I make, and he knows all I aspire to be. Despite my long list of flaws, he loves me more today than he ever has before (he must be crazy!).

Can you relate? Or are you still looking for this? As mentioned above, many search to the ends of the world to find this. Others give up. But what if the search or surrender method is all wrong? I think it is...


Looking back at the season when Philip and I met, I was a focused, fierce, and hustling college girl running towards her goals while connecting with others. I was busy but I was having fun. I was bold and intentional. I knew exactly who I was and where I was going. Finding my husband was not on my radar at the time (though he was definitely in my prayers because I wanted a kick-butt hunk in the future). Point being, I was being and doing all of the things I knew I wanted to be and do in the future. I was trekking and dancing towards graduation. Then bam...

Fast forward 6 months and I found myself standing at the altar in front of my best friend, vowing to give all of me to this one man for the rest of my life...yet I was not the least bit afraid. Why? Because the day I met Philip, was the day I looked to my right and saw someone else running in the same lane as me. He was doing and being everything I was striving for. He was going to the same destination. And he wasn't intimidated or afraid to grab my hand and run slightly ahead of me, tugging me ever-so-gently yet with much might. I was infatuated, captivated, and incandescently in love.

Looking back, I realized that I neither searched or gave up. Instead, I was being the spouse I desired for myself. I was doing the things I wanted my husband to be doing. Though it wasn't done with as much intention, God's gracious hand played such a huge part in it all (as does it in many of life's ventures).

So I  want to encourage you to be intentional today and BE the spouse you want to marry (and it doesn't stop once you get only intensifies). Do the things that you want to do, that you are called to do. One day, you'll look to your right or to your left and see the one who's running near you, who's hustling too.

Here's a hint: choose that one.

Live Creatively