Get Chic Done! How to Create Your Office Space for $100 or Less.

Happy Weekend! I've got some exciting news to share. I'm stoked to announce that I'm going to be working from home! Not that I don't already...don't even get me started on how much stay-at-home-mommas do and should get paid. However, I will be writing from home "professionally" and I couldn't be more thrilled. The journey is still unfolding, but I shall fill you fine folks in when the time comes. Until then, a project presented itself—a project my crafty-side had been longing some time for...



And would you believe me if I said I did all of this for $100? Here's how I did it.

1.) Choose a Theme

Dream-up your perfect creative space. Take to Pinterest for extra inspiration. But posit the one question, what kind of space would inspire me? Pick colors that you love, choose a statement piece that you can design around, and the rest will fall into place. I chose a more chic theme—soft pink, white, and gold. I had a small oak jewelry tree that I wanted to see in gold along with other pieces.


2.) Use What You Have 

Sift through what you have. Old picture frames, office supplies, mason jars, coffee cups, cork boards, etc. Gather anything you think you could use or even transform with the power of...

3.) Spray paint!

I purchased a can of $6.99 Krylon metallic gold spray paint to add a little sparkle to a few old and new pieces.


4.) IKEA Hacks

IKEA has a large selection of desks, but they also have a selection of table tops and legs that you can mix and match. We purchased the medium white table top and two sawhorse legs. We spray painted the legs gold and created a unique, and might I add only $59.00, desk! Our 3 other IKEA purchases included a cork board for $5.99, a giant stack of soft pink post-its for $3.00, and gorgeous lace curtains for $12.99.


5.) Hobby Lobby is My BFF 

I could literally go to Hobby Lobby every single day. They have a large selection of office supplies, decor, and gold items! I was in heaven. I practiced self control though and only purchased a few things, most of which were $3.99 or under including a wooden arrow (spray painted it), fake pink roses, a white deer head (spray painted the antlers. This was the only item that cost $11.99), and a stand for my Erin Condren planner (blog to come on that bad boy I'm sure). Lastly, I bought some gold and pink gift tissue paper to make a fringe banner which are surprisingly pretty simple to make. Don't forget to whip out their 40% off online coupon. I saved so much here!

   Whether you want to work from home or not, I highly recommend having your own creative space. We even set some rules with it, installing a baby gate and making it a kid-free zone. It's momma's special space! I am beyond thankful for my sweet husband who was thrilled to help me put this together. Having this space all to myself has sparked a newfound drive, it's helped me to get more organized; and it's a place where I can breathe, pray, and get some good quiet time. Thank You Jesus! This space is just what momma needed. Now go get yours!

Live Creatively,