The House of the Hovering Cube

cool-image6 The residential area of this home was designed with large proportions with the intention of creating two areas, a cozy and intimate family area and another larger and sophisticated formal area. The separation was designed in a manner that allows to join the areas when needed. Hovering above the space in perfec balanced is a cube made of concrete and glass that serves as the master bedroom for the parents. The unexpected contrast of the massive concrete cube floating weightlessly creates an element of surprise for those experiencing the space. The large windows in the suite provide a downward panoramic view of the public space and thus allowing eye contact and involvement.

A large and welcoming entrance door opens up and reveals the interior of the home beginning with an entrance hall decorated with a large piece of artwork. Theis element was of art tailor made by me for the specific requirements of the hall. I decided to create it on my own since we could not fine a ready made piece suited for the space. This kinetic sculpture of curved lines hovers and sways in space, with its negative embedded in the door of the elevator thus making the door indistinct.

There are two doors leading into the kitchen. One from the living room area, a black glass electric door, the other from the dining room area, made of carpentry wood blending in perfectly with the wall. This division allows a comfortable and private dining room set when needed.