Stop and Smell the Freaking Roses Already

image Ohhhh Valentines Day ❤️

In our house we love Valentines Day! Pun intended! Why?

Well I have a question for you. Why not? Why the hate?

It's just a day created by greeting card companies! Wahhh! I'm single! Wahhh! There's so much pressure! Wahhh! You should treat your loved one like that every day! Wahhh!



Baby, we got history...

Haha! Okay, okay toning down the sarcasm now. Well, it isn't a day created by greeting card companies. Sorry to burst your bitter bubble. There's so much good history behind it. Look it up. Read about St. Valentine/Valentinus. Teach your kiddos why we celebrate this fun day!


Still no reason to hate on it. I have THE BEST Valentines Day memories growing up! My parents made it such a fun day. My mom would (and still does) make each of us a big Valentine goody basket filled with candy, movies, music etc. What a great opportunity to have fun with your kids, your parents, and friends. Why would we want to slam shut an opportunity to spread a little more love?

image image image image

I challenge you to get or make a Valentine for a friend, family member, or teacher etc. Spread the love! We GET to. I love knowing what my family and friends love languages are. It helps me to act upon the love I have for them. Step outside your comfort zone and do something that taps into your loved ones love languages more this year. Even the smallest act of love can speak volumes into someone's life. And don't forget to treat yo self while you're at it! Go on, get yourself that giant box of chocolates you've been eyeing ;)


We should treat our loved ones like this everyday!

I agree, but we all know that just isn't the case. Relationships are hard and take work. Let's start by practicing and "upping" our game on Valentine's Day. Maybe it could even help us get into a better rhythm? Stop hating, it, shunning it, or feeling like there's so much pressure for it to look like this...(totally being sarcastic by the way. This movie is hilarious!)

So, whatever your situation...enjoy this festive day of hearts. Try to at least. Most importantly, know you're loved by a Heavenly Father beyond all compare and understanding. That's reason enough to celebrate.

4 years strong!

Oh, and I can't forget, Happy Anniversary baby! Or as we call it, Valentersary. Yes we know it's cheesy. But for two people who never really had a true "Valentine" in our lives, we embrace and cheeseball hard this time of year. See, you never know! I wish I could go back and tell my  teenage/college self that one day I'd be celebrating my wedding anniversary and Valentine's Day with an insanely incredible and loving man so to hush up and deal. Ha!

Enough sappiness, happy freaking four years baby! Here's to many many more.


Smelling a dozen roses if my man knows what's good for him,