10 Things I've Learned About Having 2

After a couple of weeks of going it alone with dos little ones...I now consider myself an expert. Haha! Yea right. Nevertheless, here are 10 things that make life with 2 youngins even better than it already is. Between the sarcasm and awww's, maybe my fellow mommas might find a nugget or two to take along. Just maybe... So you think you've got this mommy thing down eh? Haha...I'll show you...

1.)  Wear Your Baby It's alright to ignore one kid and tend to the other. I mean, it's not like we have four arms, right? WRONG! We can have four arms mommies. Wear your baby! Whoever invented these baby carriers is an absolute genius. I am a huge fan of the baby bjorn carrier with extra back support. It's so easy to put Eliana in and out of AND it gives me 2 arms to cook, clean, change toddler poop (yuck btw), and so forth. With having a 2 story place, it definitely helps like crazy as I attempt to get the 3 of us up and down the stairs every day. But, it doesn't quit solve ALL of the juggling demands so cut yourself some slack moms. Sometimes kid #1 or #2 will just have to cry a minute or wait his or her turn. Deal children! Mommy is doing her best :) 20140707-163932-59972614.jpg 2.) Let the toddler do the dirty work Oh heck yes to this one! Emarosa is throwing away diapers, fetching baby wipes, putting pacy in sissy's mouth, handing me laundry and the list goes on. It's not only a good way to teach her how to start helping out, but it also helps to make her feel included. Not to mention, it's a huge score for momma! I'll call you, CinderEmmy from now on LOL 20140707-164103-60063444.jpg20140707-164103-60063939.jpg 3.) Instant Grub Yea...cooking. Ain't nobody got time for that! I'm cooking breast milk 24/7 already as it is, so instant we go. There are so many instant & (mostly) healthy foods to make life easier and your tatas flowing with milk and honey ;) Fruits, veggies, oatmeal, waffles, greek yogurt, granola, cheese, frozen pizza and nuggets, cereals and the list goes on. No shame here. And, bust out that crock pot yo! Those meals almost feel instant. Let me get a swing of this mom of two thing and then I'll take a shot at the culinary arts again. I *cough* promise...

4.) Big Sister/Brother box Before you pop out that second child, have someone make or make for yourself a big sister/a brother box. Hit up the dollar store and pick out handfuls of activities, games, etc for your first child. Wrap them individually and put in a big box. Every day when the the new addition is snoozing, sit down with kid #1 and open a gift with them. Then, do the activity together! This is so much fun as it's a daily new toy and activity AND your little one doesn't feel forgotten or left out. Emmy and I have LOVED each of these moments. We've played in the dark with glow in the dark rings and sticks, colored, tatted our arms up, played pretend makeup and beauty salon and so forth. Shout out to my mom's coworker and friend, Susan for making this sweet gift for us!

20140707-164239-60159857.jpg 20140707-164240-60160667.jpg

5.) Routine Shmoutine I had Emmy on a strict routine pre-Elly and we expected her to stay on it post-Elly. Yea...who were we kidding? New baby changes EVERYTHING. So, be okay with throwing out the routine. Let 'em sleep in your bed. And then after a few weeks, reintroduce the routine and see how it goes. It's been a few weeks, but Emmy is now back to going to sleep by herself in her crib! Holler! She also now understands that Eliana isn't going anywhere...

6.) Big Girl Status Right before I had Eliana, I started calling Emmy my "big girl" like...excessively and I'm sure glad I did! She loves being called big girl and she calls Elly "baby" all of the time! It's helped her to want to do "big girl" things instead of pretending to be a baby. Like the other day, she told me she had to poop and so to the potty we went. And, she pooped! So, it looks like it's potty training time in the Canant house :)

7.) Do things for yourself! As hard as it is to leave your little ones, take advantage of the help you have and yes, that includes daddio. Get out the house with the girlfrans! Go shopping for yourself, go out to eat or the movies, or go get your nose pierced (I got mine pierced the other night and I LOVE it). Don't feel bad about doing something for yourself. It's the only way to stay sane for those of us who hardly ever get a moment to ourselves. Shout out to my hubby for pushing me to get out the few times I have and for holding down Camp Canant!

20140707-164509-60309204.jpg 20140707-164509-60309786.jpg 8.) It's okay to cry Haha seriously... I've cried a few times after moments when Emmy's thrown a colossal tantrum, spilled something sticky or gross all over the floor or table, or when I just feel like a cow being milked nonstop. It's ok to cry it out! You just gave birth to a second miracle. And shoot, my girls are not even 19 months apart. It's tough! So after a good little cry and some prayer time...I feel so much better! God gets me back to the reason why I took on this calling and I regain strength to keep going. Every calling has it's ups and downs. So go on girl, grab a tissue and glass or two of wine, it's okay...This leads to #9 baby...

9.) Drink that wine yo! Just because you're nursing, doesn't mean you can't enjoy a glass or two. Nurse your newby right before you drink and then wait 2-3 hours until the alcohol has left your blood stream. Or, have a bottle of your milk ready and pump and dump a couple of ounces. Once every so often doesn't hurt anyone, especially baby. In fact, it helps momma! And when momma's happy...well you know the saying.

10.) Get rid of the distractions Once we brought Eliana home, I started feeling even more distracted and wanted to focus on my family completely. Then I listened to Pastor Steven Furtick's message, Death by Distraction and BAM, confirmation. I deleted all of the social media apps off of my iPhone and limited myself to only getting on my iPad at night before bed or during nap time. I know this will not last forever, as we are moving and I'll want snapchat back to keep in touch with my friends here hehe :) But it's also been very beneficial for Emmy as she was getting addicted to my iPad. I'm so happy I did this and Philip has even noticed a huge change in my disposition. Praise God! So maybe some, all, or none of these tips will be helpful for my fellow mommas but I had to share. After all, I'm an expert, remember? Keep holding it down mommas! Every moment is so special. Love it, cherish it, and laugh, laugh, laugh!


Sippin' that wine and wipin' them little bottoms all day errday,