DIY Hospital Door Sign

Happy Memorial Day everyone! I hope you all are enjoying your weekend and taking the time to remember those who have sacrificed the ultimate price for our freedom. I am forever grateful for every man and woman that has laid down their life for us. Because of their selflessness, I can write freely, worship my God freely, spread the good news, raise my children in a free country and the list goes on and on and on. THANK YOU! Today also marks exactly 1 week until I'll be holding my new precious miracle, Eliana Hope (unless she decides to come earlier). And in preparation for this second blessing, we've done all the usual prep, but I've also gotten a bit more crafty this time around. I'll be adding each of my crafts as I can to this blog but I wanted to at least share one right now—our hospital door sign!


This was super easy to make and assemble ourselves. My handy hubby cut the wood and drilled holes for the ribbon. I simply then used painters tape and some free hand and painted each layer. These are going to be Elly's nursery colors when we move—mint, coral, gold and hints of soft pink.

I bought everything at good ol' hobby lobby—chevron ribbon, acrylic paint, the wooden letter "E", and paint markers.

I looked at Pinterest for some inspiration but I hadn't seen anyone make one quite like I was envisioning in my head. Simply lay it out and create what you want! Super simple and you'll definitely stand out at the hospital :)

I'll be posting more on her take-home onesie, bow, tutu, leg warmers and more I've been working on soon (if Eliana allows)! Philip's also been woodworking a lot lately and is about to put the final touches on the girls' wooden toy box. I'll definitely be sharing that with you all! It's so fun making all of these things for our girls. A lot a cheaper and more memorable in our eyes :)

I hope this will inspire you to get crafty!

Counting down the days, Erica