Bump Fashion

I can't believe I have yet to write anything about fashion on this here blog ;)  Well as my bump grows, my love for cute-style finds has yet to dwindle. In fact, I don't like to use pregnancy as an excuse to only wear stretchy pants and bag-like shirts. Don't get me wrong, I still sport those especially on days when I'm just at the house ;)

But, I've come to find a designer that I LOVE during this second pregnancy. Ladies and gents (cause I know some awesome gents will care about this), Miss Jessica Simpson! Her line of maternity wear is just amazing! And because she's a curvier girl like myself, she has seriously tailor-designed these threads for my bod (at least that's how I feel every time I wear her clothing). 

And if I can be totally open with you all, her maternity underwear are my absolute favorite finds! I bought two pair to try them out and ended up calling Destination Maternity that next week to hold all of my size chones for me! Haha :) The pregnant life is so much better in comfy-fitting undergarments. Can I get an Amen from my fellow bump rockers?!

What I also love about her line is that it's under the Motherhood collection so it's affordable! Of course, I bought everything I could on sale. Wait until they do specials or have buy 2 get one free days, totally worth it!

Here are some of my favorite pieces that I found at Destination Maternity. What are you waiting for my fellow preggers?! Go check her out!