Battle Wounds are Beautiful

"...and let us run with endurance the race that is set before us." Hebrews 12:1 (NKJV) In the last few months, there have been a lot of battles going on in my life and God has challenged me to write through them. it goes ;)

Everything has been a battle—time, even. It's a battle to have any time for myself, time with God, time with others. Everyone always wants something from me it seems. It's also been a battle in our home and a battle with some people. It's been a battle just about everywhere... I've also been homesick a lot. I miss my family terribly. Even though they only live 2 hours away, it feels so much further being as my family is extremely close and we only see each other every couple of months or so. I would pack up and move in a heartbeat but trying to convince my hubby of that is another battle ;)

Recently, I listened to a Hillsong Sisterhood podcast (podcasts have been a lifesaver for months) and Pastor Bobbie Houston just cut to the core of my battles. She said that we are the only ones able to keep ourselves from our calling—that we have to decide what's worth fighting for. It slammed me...

I want to fight for everything, I truly do. I refuse to let big and little things steal my joy... So, will you fight with me? If your marriage is on the line, if you're in at a battle with your children, if you're at odds with your in laws, if your health isn't the greatest, if your self worth is at a low, if you have lost someone, or whatever your battle may be today...will you fight with me? Will you let yourself give up, quit the climb to your calling, and surrender to the enemy, to this world? No, we can't!

Every battle, valley, and race comes with a price—a fight, a climb, a run. Will you run with me? Will you climb with me? More importantly, will you let Him fight for you? An amazing woman of God recently told me that I don't have to fight; but instead, let God fight for me. Let Him be my strength. Let Him carry me when I just can't go on. It's easier said than done; but if you really let Him, it changes everything including our attitude.

This summer, we hiked Enchanted Rock. I totally didn't expect it to be a rough climb. People told me that it wasn't difficult (I guess I should've asked people who've also got missing spinal discs and nerve damage, eh? Haha). So to my surprise, it was pretty difficult. I never thought I'd be able to do something like that since my injury. I mean, I had to basically learn how to walk all over again, so climbing a big ol' rock just wasn't anywhere near my to-do list. 


But, I'm beyond thankful and grateful to God for allowing me to do it. Afterward, any normal and healthy person would be like "Yea that was pretty cool...", but I was just like "OMG I did that!". Philip gave me the biggest high five and God smiled on me that day. Now, it wasn't all pretty and roses climbing it. I wanted to quit half way. But, we kept climbing. I had great friends telling me that it was okay to slow down and to just go at the pace I could, so that I wouldn't be in bed the next day. So I did just that—slow and steady, I hiked it. Sometimes I took a rest, drank some water, but then I kept hiking until we finally reached the top. And without sounding like a Miley Cyrus song, it was the greatest feeling and view, but the climb is what stuck with me the most. The climb is what mattered.

So, let's keep moving forward together. Let's keep fighting, climbing, running, and letting God take it all. He's got us, He's got every situation. He wants it! He wants all of us and can make our battles oh-so-beautiful in the end.


And I don't know about you, but I think battle wounds are beautiful. People with battle wounds have the best stories and most exciting lives ;)

Ah! And how did I forget to mention the most exciting news?! We are expecting #2 :) Amidst all the battles we have been going through, God decided it was time for us to get pregnant. Now try telling me my God isn't beautiful and so very gracious? He blessed us incredibly in the thick of exiting out of some rough times. He can and will do it for you too!



Let's show off our beautiful scars,