Aging Gracefully

I am so excited to announce that I am now the proud owner of a....wait for it...iPad! And, this is my first post from it :) I am a tad giddy if you can't tell. Thank you so much to my amazing hubby for this awesome Mother's Day and Birthday gift (and to everyone who pitched in as well). You have made me one happy lady!

Oh, and double shout out to the hubs because how awesome is the new look of my blog? Thank you so much honey! My site is definitely starting to take the shape of how I want it to look and feel. More updates coming soon.


Now as I mentioned, I did just celebrate yet another birthday (they keep coming every year...ugh). If you can't read my tone very well, I wasn't too thrilled about this one; but, it turned out to be one of the best birthdays yet!


You see, a few days before the "big" day came, God started talking to me about aging gracefully. At first I was like "huh?" But then it became clear...

Every year is an opportunity to experience more of God and well...He stays the same. I on the other hand, change, ALOT. Year-by-year, I mature (most of the time haha). It's always yet a new season in my life. He reminded me that as I constantly change, He never does. So as I change, He wants me to experience more of His grace, mercy, and love every year—He wants me to age gracefully. Not bitterly, not hesitantly, not sadly, gracefully. Humility plays a big part in it too. God's word says that He gives grace to the humble (Proverbs 3:34).

And as a woman of God, the word 'gracefully' has a different connotation for me then for any of you guys. Being graceful is a sought-after trait for us ladies. We like to carry ourselves gracefully, fall gracefully, and be beheld as just overall delicate and graceful beings. Now, I know I'm not speaking for all women, but you get my gist.


So...age gracefully I shall try. I'll aim to carry myself with more confidence in Him. I'll be thankful for the growth and wisdom He has instilled in me in the coming year. I'll strive to be a better wife and mother. I'll walk with humility as best as I can. I'll try to be at the feet of Jesus more and work the kitchen well when I do. Whatever I do in the name of Jesus, I'll do as gracefully and as well as I can.

I challenge my fellow Jesus-loving women to try to do so too :)


And speaking of women, I got to speak this past Chic Night at Healing Place Church San Antonio (HPCSA). It was so exciting and fun! I will be posting my message in the next day or two because it is one for women of all ages to hear/read and be reminded of. Until then...





Aging as gracefully as we can,

Erica and Emarosa Joy