Let the Third Trimester Begin!

This week I entered my third trimester and I cannot express how excited and anxious I am! Excited because, well… that means three more months (give or take) until Emarosa’s here! And anxious because it has been a slightly rough pregnancy (understatement), and so I am just ready to do this thing! Haha! But all in all, I am just excited and trying to remain in the joy God has given me. So…three more months and, YOWZERS, we have so much preparation to do! With eyes widened and rolled-up sleeves, I am ready to step back from some things I have needed to do for a while now and am ready to dive into baby land! This new season is going to be quite different, but still very special. God has already proven to be just so faithful, as He always is! He has provided us with our first family vehicle (a cute white Jeep Liberty) and has kept us in the palm of His hand through everything that's been coming our way.


Philip and I are also filled with so much thankfulness as family and friends have already been pouring out lots of lovin' over our little growing family. Emarosa is blessed beyond measure to be born into such a great family and circle of friends! And dun, dun, nuh—baby shower season has also officially kicked off! Our first one was this past Saturday in Midland with my Mom and Dad’s side of the family. It was a beautiful time filled with food, laughter, games, gifts, and an amazing cake! We cannot thank our Midland family enough for showering us with love and presents. We love you all. Here are some pictures below. Enjoy! P.s. I will be trying to update more and post pictures from all of our showers too!

So...let the third trimester begin and prayerfully, be a smooth ride.

Let the good times roll,

Erica and Emarosa Joy