It's a Girl!

We’re having a GIRL!

Yes, you read the title correctly—we are having a beautiful baby girl! And drum roll please… her name is Emarosa Joy! Congratulations to everyone who guessed the gender! Whew, now where do I start after that announcement? Well, I guess I’ll start with all the excitement leading up to finding out what Baby C’s gender was.

Mother’s Day weekend was simply beautiful. We started it off by having an amazing BBQ with Philip’s parents and then headed off to Gtown for some time with my momma and for my sister's dance recital. It was so amazing getting to celebrate my first Mother’s Day and thinking about how next year, I will truly get to celebrate with my firstborn. What an overwhelming feeling that is! Then the weekend after that was my 25th birthday as well as my mom’s college graduation! What a weekend that was! Philip surprised me with an amazing 25th celebration at Main Event, and then we had an emotional time at my mom’s graduation—I’m so proud of her! And then this past Friday, we found out the sex of our little banana (she was about the size of a banana at 20 weeks)! So it has been a very fun and exciting last month to say the least!

Now the day we found out, we were in the ultrasound room, just amazed at the images of our baby. She had grown so much since the last sonogram! After the technician announced that she was a whopping 14 ounces, he moved the sensor around and got a great view of her little hiney and right between her legs. I looked up at Philip’s face (me already in tears) and I knew that he knew what the sex was because he looked so taken aback. And then the technician announced, IT’S A GIRL! Tears just streamed down my face in joy and our mothers (both were in the room) gasped in excitement and then started saying, “Is it accurate? Show it again!” Haha! I looked at Philip and whispered, it’s a girl baby! It’s Emarosa Joy! He looked so terrified yet overwhelmed with joy at the same time. What a beautiful moment that was! That night, it hit me as we bought our first clothes for our baby girl, that we were only 4 months away from having our firstborn baby girl in our arms. God is so very good!

So where did this name come from, you ask? Well, yup, our baby girl is named after a band! Emarosa is a rock group, whose name I fell in love with a couple of years back. I always knew that I wanted my first girl to be named Emarosa. After telling Philip about that name a while back, he fell in love with it too! It also looks like our girl will be the first Emarosa in America (from what little research I did), which is really cool! The band Emarosa created that name, wanting something unique, but also finding out that “Ema” is root for containing all things and “Rosa” is root for beautiful. So, our girl’s name means containing all things beautiful. And Joy, of course, is joy! You will definitely understand why we chose that middle name if you read my recent blog about joy in “Why hello there second trimester!”. The names just fit like a glove together—Emarosa Joy. I just love saying that over and over again!

Now as I post this blog, we are in the middle of our Gender Reveal Party, so let me get back to it ;) I will be posting a blog real soon with lots of pictures from the party!

These girls are out,

Erica & Emarosa Joy aka “Baby C”