She's Back!

Greetings readers! I know it has been quite some time since I last blogged, but so much has been happening, so I hope you can forgive me. (Also, you may notice that I moved my blog to WordPress, so bare with me as I begin to beautify my new blog site.)

Well, one would think that I would have much more time on my hands since quitting my job, right? Wrong! I am busier now than I was when I had a job! Life has been a crazy ride lately, but I am so thankful for where God has us right now. So what's been going on?

I have been serving full time with Dream Center San Antonio and Third Day Generation as well as helping with the Cru at San Antonio College. I have been tapping into many fields including PR, Marketing, Writing, Teaching and most importantly, Discipleship (God has blessed me with 3 amazing, teachable girls I have been pouring into). Along with serving, I have been focusing on my health in the last 6 weeks. My back was taking a turn for the worse and we knew we had to do something. My mom found a Spine Clinic here that performs spinal decompression treatments alongside message and physical therapy, so we checked it out. After much prayer, we knew God was leading me to be a much better steward of my body, and so we decided to move forward with the treatment. And after 6 weeks, I have gone from a level 10 pain to a level 2 and 3! God is so very good! I am getting better and stronger daily, and I am so thankful for God's provision during this time. I am also so very thankful for my AMAZING husband who has sacrificed so much for me to be able to be home and take care of my health. I absolutely know that God loves me because of who he gave me. Thank You, Lord for my husband and I pray he is blessed abundantly for all he has done.

Well, I think I have caught you up on the major things but now, I would love to just jump back into what God has been revealing to me in the last 6 weeks.

Romance Me,  Pursue Me

I have been so very blessed to be able to walk in a discipleship with an amazing woman of God, Karla (whom I also have the great honor of being a part of her upcoming nuptials--I'm the matron of honor!). She shared with me what has become one of my favorite books, Captivating. I haven't read too many "Christian" books because I have always been a firm believer in looking solely to the Word of God for all-things life. BUT, God has shown me in the last year that He uses many writers to expand and dig deeper into Scripture; therefore, making many of the books out there such great tools for believers to read alongside the Word. I know He has definitely anointed me to do so as well with the release of my very first faith-based book, Slip Away a 30 Day Devotional (click here to purchase online with Amazon). So, I was excited to dig into a book solely based on a women's heart. If there is one book I'd recommend for every women to read before this year is up or even going into the new year, it would be Captivating. 

During my devotional studies and time in Captivating, God was (and still is) teaching me a lot about my own heart. I have learned just how much women are truly made in the image of God, what our heart longs for, why we desire to be romanced and pursued, and why the enemy hates all of those things. I am called to walk in His light, run in His image, dance in His presence, kneel at His feet, and teach other ladies to do just the same! What a beautiful time it has been lately and my prayer life has shifted tremendously, focusing on the women I serve alongside with. I have such a burden for every women and girl's heart, for them to experience God to the fullest.

So ladies, please read Captivating! I also encourage you to closely study some of the women in the Bible along with the book like Mary of Bethany, Ruth, Martha and Mary etc. And men, I definitely encourage you to read Wild at Heart, by the same authors. What a beautiful gift to witness, a husband and wife writing together for the Lord.

There is a reason why you crave to be romanced and pursued--because God is in you! Pursue and romance Him just the same way and you will get suffused in the deepest, greatest love you will ever know!

Let Him Romance and Pursue You Today,