The Good Portion


There is a good explanation as to why I have not blogged in quite some time. So please allow me to scribble it all out for your fine eyes to read :)
As I aim to create a series of posts for both a Christian and Non-Christian audience, I challenge any non-believers to continue on to see if there may be any comparison in your own life when it comes to challenges or facing big decisions. I know I tend to sway toward speaking toward my brothers and sisters in Christ, but please bear with me as I also aim to bring forth a case for Christ :)
See, there is a reason why there are so many accounts in the Word of God warning us to stay vigilant, keep alert, and be ready for what may jump out at us (1Peter 5:8, 1Thessalonians 5:6)
When I looked up, everything was tumbling down around me. I had lost my job, was financially on very shaky ground, in health battles galore, and seeing that I was not fully serving my Lord and Savior but rather thinly spread between 3 ministries.
My flesh wanted to cry; my flesh wanted to stress to the max. But the Holy Spirit led me into a deep peace, watering my soul, comforting my temple, easing my mind, and guiding me gently (It also helped that the Lord had provided me with my best friend who spurred me on).
I had a huge decision to make in the end--I could stay put at where I had been working, taking a big leap of faith or I could leave for another position. I put all of my prayer time into this decision and all of my thought process onto the "job situation".
All along, it wasn't about my job whatsoever...
Before I totally reveal what it was truly all about, let me present a question to you: What does it truly mean to be Christ's Hands and Feet? What is this Hands and Feet title I have given to my blog? What is this Hands and Feet lingo Christians all babble about?
You see, Christ left to prepare a place for us but He did not leave us alone. The Holy Spirit--our counselor and comforter was given to us. In, John 14:26, Christ tells His disciples that He will leave the Helper, the Holy Spirit who will teach them all things. After His resurrection, He leaves them with the command to go and make disciples of ALL the nations (Matthew 28:19). What I have learned on what it means to be Christ's "hands and feet" is simple--I must be broken and yielded, allowing for His Spirit to fill and guide me; therefore, enabling me and equipping me to go forth and make disciples. Now, that looks different for each follower of Christ. And for me, I thought it was doing, doing, doing. I was working for God and not with Him. I was Martha-ing it up for sure (Luke 10:41).
The beautiful Holy Spirit guided me back to my Father and my Father told me to drink from His continual flowing water, to let Him revive my spirit and lead me on. He told me He had such a great and wondrous plan for my life and if I obey, He will bless me beyond measure.
I had to finally realize that I was missing out on the good portion (Luke 10:42) and I needed to sit at the Feet of Jesus, listen, and obey.
He told me that this season was not about my job, but was about me and Him. He wants ALL of me and He wants me planted in one place, so that I may bear fruit in His name.
He has brought me back to my calling; He is leading me by still waters (Psalm 23:2).
I am so excited for where the Lord has me. I am so thankful that He has taught me what it truly looks like for me to be His Hands and Feet.
What I heard from the Lord was such a simple and beautiful love whisper,


be still. I have a plan for you
and all I want is your trust.
work with Me
not for Me
take my hand.
be planted in one place and
be in My Word continually.
let Me lead you;
let Me love you.
obey Me

and see what beauty can come from this.

choose the good portion my daughter;
choose the good portion.

So, I choose the good portion :)
Lastly, I have been taking a break on my own collection as I work diligently to release my Pastor's first book, Problems with the Righteousness of God, but I feel the need to just write more anyways. I need to add into my collection what the Lord has been showing me over these past 4 months. This blog, I believe, has become a foundation for what may be a complete revamping and reworking of what I thought my collection would look like originally. The Lord works in mysterious ways :) More will be coming your way ladies and gents!
Learn What it Means to Truly Be His Hands and Feet Today,