My God is the God Who Provides

Happy Start of a New Week :)
After a weekend filled with a little uncertainty, the Lord showed me just how much He loves me and will always provide no matter what the circumstance. I have no creative work to tag along with this post, but if you just need to hear more on how He provides and need some encouragement in this area, please continue forth :)

Jahova Jireh means, God our Provider. And man-oh-man is He ever!

This weekend I spent a lot of time in Exodus 15, 16 and part of 17, looking at how God truly provided for the Israelites.
As I read through, I noticed a reoccurring request from God--obedience. This was all He asked of them--to obey Him.
See, the Lord told them through Moses and Aaron that He would lead them out of Egypt and into the Promised Land. He had so much more in store for them. They were enslaved and He was freeing them! All they had to do was obey, trust Him, and follow the pillar of cloud and fire He provided (Exodus 13:21-22).
As I continued on in these passages, I also took note of how they had to actually trek through the wilderness first.
I was deeply encouraged by this part of God's precious word. See, we too must go through the wilderness in order to reach our Promised Land.
At the end of Exodus 15, we see that the Israelites were thirsty and what was before them was bitter water. Well, our God being the creative and awesome God He is, planted a tree in that bitter water and made it sweet for them. He quenched their thirst with not only good clean water, but with SWEET water :)
In Exodus 16, we see that the Israelites were hungry. Well, our Mighty God brought manna through the morning dew for them! He literally rained-down food on them :)
Those that obeyed what the Lord spoke through Moses, were always filled.
What a faithful God. What a Mighty God. What a loving God.
As I keep on trudging through this wilderness and have times of thirstiness, hunger pains, and other needs tacked with a little uncertainty, I will continue forth in obedience. I will continue to let His pillar of cloud by day and pillar of fire by night guide me and I will let His loving arms wrap around me and comfort me. After all, all He wants are His children and to take them to the Promised Land.
Here I am Father; I am willing and ready. I will heed to Your voice and direction for my life. Lead me.
I know You will always provide.
If my Heavenly Father brought sweet water and rained down manna on the Israelites, how much more will He continue to take care of His precious daughter too? This goes for every single one of you that places your faith and trust in Jesus Christ and walks with our Lord. Let Him lead you and you will begin to see that Promised Land :)
Be Obedient Today and See How He Provides,