Increase Decrease

Hollar Hollar Hollar!

Happy Saturday. So you were probably wondering why I asked such an oddball question last first post :) Well, here's why (drop me a line of feedback):

Increase Decrease

As these feet step outside of this door
and these hands reach outside of these four walls
I want all selfishness to be cast aside—defuse me

And as this heart feels a burden for the unseen and the unheard
and this mind meditates on the only Truth
I want all pride to be cast aside—decrease me

How hard it is for me to understand
Who cannot seem to decipher Your hand as
the flowers grow amidst
And the trees blossom and shed
Their leaves and the sunlight beams through
The strands of each individual hair flowing from your head

How can you tell me
That there is no one greater

Out there?

Just a little poem I had been working on. Day in and day out I step outside of my door and discover another thing to be thankful for. As cliché as it sounds, singing birds, falling leaves, cool breezes, sunshine shining through my hair--it is all so beautiful and reminds me of my God. He is Real; He is Great :)

Step outside and see something miraculous,