My [current] target favs


Scrunchie + Bandana

This chiffon twister thinga-ma-bob is so hot right now! I need 10 please! Combines my love for scrunchies and bandanas. YES HONEY.

Small Chunky Hoops

You guys know that I am all about the bigger the hoops, the closer to God. BUT LET ME TELL Y’ALL. I have been wearing smaller chunks this summer and best hoop decision ever.

Fav overalls for the summer!

These are baggy, true to size, and never go out of style!

Animal Print Kimono

I just bought this and I basically want to wear it every single day of my life. I took some pics with it tied and it can easily be left open—dressed up or down! LOVE IT!

Biker Shorts, BABY

Y’all already know how I feel about biker shorts. I am living in them this summer and might even for the fall. No shame in my mom-fashion game. And these red ones?!

Hair clips baby

I absolutely love that 90’s fashion is here to stay all summa long. I LOVE THESE CLIPS!

Bucket Hats ARE IN, FOLKS!

Get ready, because the bucket hat is here to stay and I AM ALL OVER THIS. I want one of every style, please. This is perfect for my short and unwashed hair. LOL!

Bucket Hats Pt. 2

Here I go again, but this dark floral bucket hat will be mine. Anyone else getting all of the Clueless vibes from fashion these days?! Again, I am here for all of it, honey!


Another 90’ hair go-to, SCRUNCHIES! These are cheethahlicious!


A staple fashion piece. Forever classy.

Growl Power One Piece

This one piece is my fav!

Comfiest Cheetah Top

I wear this with my overalls + it’s the best! SO comfy!

Summer Skincare

This overnight mask is at the top of my summer skincare game!

Rose Gold Rescue

This line is the best for my sensitive skin, especially during the summer!

Best TONER ever!

This soothes my summer skin in between washing + moisturizing + on top of makeup or on a naked face!

Best Makeup Wipes

Hands down the best makeup wipes I have yet to find!

Rose Gold Rescue Moisturizer

My skin has never been smoother + hydrated!

Makeup Melt

How have I removed my eye makeup before?!

Tie Dye

Trust me, you are going to see tie dye ALL summer long! I love this crop that you can wear with high waisted jeans or under the overalls!


If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve seen me bust out my new favorite “Ozzy” summer shades! Haha! They are my favorite + so 90’s.

Summer Sandals

Basically all-things 90’s and animal print this summer. These sandals are in my cart as I type. They are mine, my own, my preciousssss. LOL!

Black High Waisted Jeasn

Them mom jeans never go out of style + this is my fav black pair. They go up to size 18, too!

Blue Jean High Waisted Jean

I own two pairs of Wild Fable high waisted jeans and they’re the BEST!

Blue jean high waisted STRIPED YO

I absolutely love my Wild Fable with the zipper stripe so these are a must have!