My February Favorite Things!

This year is already flying by! Anybody else feel that way?! So on that note, I am way past due on my blog! It's not like I've got much to keep up with or anything... ;)

What to blog about though?! I've noticed that over the past month+, I have been sharing about some of my favorite things on Instagram. So, I decided to compile that list and get you all my February favorite things! If you know me, you know that I love clothes, makeup, coffee, writing, planning, hand lettering, and just about anything in the creative sphere. I am basically a collector of pretty things, and I have decided to be nice and share tHess pretty finds with you all. ;) Links to purchase are included! I hope I don't get any of you in trouble; because more than likely, you are going to want to purchase something in the following list! You're welcome...

Anything for Selenassss!

Combine one of my all-time favorite artists and MAC makeup and what do you expect me to do?! I died over this makeup line! The mascara is my favorite—it greatly enhances my lashes. MAC totally underestimated the power of makeup-loving latinas, so I had to wait until the second release. Well worth it! Get your Bidi Bidi Bom Bom here! 

Coffee Tumbler

Now that I can drink caffeine again, my desire to collect more mugs and tumblers is back with vengeance. Philip isn't too thrilled about that, but that means he gets to build a mug rack so that kind of makes him happy. #RonSwanson ;)

How cute is this tumbler by chalkfulloflove?! I searched and searched for a beautiful tumbler that would keep my coffee hot for a while and with a good lid. This one keeps my coffee warm for hours; and no matter how much I bounce the stroller while herding my little gang into school each morning, I haven't had one coffee spill yet! Cute and mommy approved! Go ahead and treat YO self!


So DaynaLee is one of my favorite hand letterers and creative gals. She has designed some unbelievably-cute notebooks, mugs, and many many other beautiful things. I bought these two gems a while back, and I am obsessed! I use the notebook as my creative journal at work, and I keep it on my desk for coffee emergencies. It's pretty much the greatest pairing ever. Splurge here!

OH! And those dreamy pencils?! Sweet Water Decor is responsible for those beauts! Get em here!  They are perfect for sketching and hand lettering.

My favorite READ! 

Lysa TerKeurst has quickly become one of my best friends, she just doesn't know it yet. She is such a powerful yet tender writer, and that is hard to master! Her latest book, Uninvited, speaks to my very core. She hits home on a lot that I have experienced and felt in my life. She is coming to Radiant Conference (a women's conference) at my church next week, and I am basically beside myself. Read and cry here. 

P.s. we have a LIMITED amount of tickets left for Radiant Conference 2017. Get yours HERE today! Ladies,  you won't want to miss this AMAZING conference. March 2-4 here in the ATX area at Celebration Church!


Hand Lettering 101 by Chalkfulloflove

Hand lettering has quickly become one of my favorite things to do. It brings a sense of release and peace to my creative soul. I wanted to get better at it and "correctly" learn the art. Then one of my favorite hand letterers, Chalkfulloflove, released a killer book! She nailed this 101 book. I quickly learned the basics, and now I find myself lettering ALL OF THE TIME. This book is a must if you want to learn this art or even just practice. The lettering drills in it are amazing. Now, this book is more on the side of feminine hand lettering, but it will help you to find your own style. I now feel more confident to learn different styles.

Get this bad boy here! 

Current FAV TV Show!

This Is Us has quickly become a culture phenomenon, and that happened after the very first episode! That's when you know something is extraordinarily-special! In my opinion, this show has taken off from day 1 because of how relatable it is and because of how uniquely and intricately the story is written between different time periods and stages of life. For me personally, the latest episodes have been the hardest hitting. Unless you are really close to me, you wouldn't even know that I battle anxiety. Like Randal, we look like we have it all together...but we don't. How they portrayed his panic and anxiety attack(s) floored me. I balled like a big fat baby because those are exactly how my anxiety attacks are. And seeing Jack just hold his face, telling him to breathe...WOW. That is exactly how I picture my Heavenly Father holding my face in those moments, and THAT is when I calm down. I could go on and on and on (and I think I will in a future post on anxiety), but if you haven't watched this show, what are you waiting for?! Get on the This Is Us train now! All episodes are on Hulu!

Last by not least!

Um, who would I be if I didn't give a MAJOR shoutout to like my ultimate favorite thing—The Happy Planner®?! These 5 (+ my budget one not pictured) are my [current] Happy Planners®. And in March, the newest release of planners are hitting Michaels, Hobby Lobby, and the mambi shop! Why own multiple?! Um...because there are multiple facets of life, DUH! Get one for work, get one for home, get one for managing your blog, get one for fitness, get one for Bible studies, get one for budget. Is there such a thing as being too organized or planned out? I THINK NOT! ;) Plus, it's not just about a planner, it's about the community. I have met some of my very best friends through this beautiful product. You won't regret diving head first into this amazing lifestyle...or addiction...whichever term you want to use for it. LOL!

Get Yo Plan on HERE! 


And there you have it! I kinda dig this post, so maybe I should do it each month. Yay or Nay?! Let me know your thoughts!