Happy Birthday to My First Best Friend, My Mom ❤️

"My First Best Friend" by Erica Canant

My first embrace

...the first shoulders to capture my tears 

My first giggle

...the first one to show me what fun life could be 

My first partner in crime  

...the first person to understand and teach me right from wrong 

My first hero

...the first to lift me up and out of any mistake

My first best friend

...the Mom I look up to and love.


Happy Birthday Momma!

  I think back on my entire life and cannot help but give God immense praise for placing me in your care. I know you wouldn't change anything in our lives for the world, but I want you to know today that I wouldn't either. Because of how old you were when you had me, it allowed for a closeness many never get to experience with their moms (although, I am absolutely convinced we would still be freakishly close regardless of age). I've also learned (especially as a mother now too) that our relationship should and will always be mother and daughter first; but, being the best of friends truly follows!

You're the first person I want to shop with. You're the first person I go and vent to. You're the first person I run to for advice and wisdom. You're the first one I think of when I'm faced with a motherly challenge. You're the first person I want to share any news with. You're the first person I want to hang out and vedge with. Who can say this about their mommas? Not many.

Thank you for being an absolutely over-the-moon mom, but I also thank you for being my first best friend.


So happy birthday momma, happy birthday BFF ;)  Now, let your birthday weekend commence!


Your First Born