💖 Guess what day it is?... 💖


Thanks to the OG Galentine Kween, Leslie Knope, we get to surround ourselves with our favorite babes, goodies, and celebrate one another! If you don’t know what Galentine’s Day is, here’s the scene from one of my favorite shows, Parks and Rec, that started it all!

In the past, I have done everything from make homemade gifts for some of my friends to actually reserving a Japanese-style room for sushi and gifts with some of my best babes. Gifts, celebrating others, and making sure my friends feel oh-so-loved is a HUGE love language of mine. It’s legit one of the many reasons Philip calls me Leslie Knope and I LIVE FOR IT.

This year, I decided to do something a little more low key and very special—celebrate with my favorite girls! Of course a few rad babes got cards and gifts in the mail (I couldn’t help myself), but tonight I am going to focus on cuddles, reading books, coloring, eating chocolate, and watching Brave with my sweet and sassy Emmy and Elly. I wouldn’t trade this time for anything else. 🖤

This weekend, we also did a little photoshoot…you know I had to! I mean, my mom did buy them these adorable matching dresses. Click here if you want to snag one for your little Galentine (perfect to wear year-round)!

Now I present to you, my little Galentines:


Happy Galentine’s Day from these Canant cuties!


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