SHHH...Momma's Having Her Quiet Time



Many of you have asked how I use my Faith Warrior sheets and a lot of you have even asked how to read and study the Bible. My heart flutters at the thought of sharing what this intimate time looks like for me, but I do have a massive disclaimer to share: I am not perfect nor do I spend this kind of time daily in the Word of God. Do I try to? YES! Absolutely. But just like many of you, I have a husband, 3 young children, a job (entrepreneur at that), and it’s both Christmas and my sister’s wedding. So if I can’t sit and soak up what my soul needs, I at least open my Bible app and get that verse of the day in me. No guilt to be had here! Any time in God’s Word is better than no time. That right there is the best wisdom this extremely imperfect babe can give you.

When I do get to sit and spend quality time with my Savior, here’s how it looks:




Before starting any kind of study process, where does one even begin in the Bible? If you are new to reading this massive and life-giving book, I know how absolutely daunting it can seem. Trust me, the hardest part is lifting the cover open and diving right in. I was 1,000% blessed to have incredible mentors in both High School + College who walked me through the Bible and taught me how to study, read, and live it. And in the last few years, I have noticed a large decline in that fundamental teaching within many churches. I am here to tell you, it isn’t as daunting as it seems and I hope this discussion can be had more and more.


Now for everyone, it looks different. Some like to start on page one and go all the way through. Some like to read the Gospels first (Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John). Some like to read a Psalm and Proverb a day. Some go off of a devotional or study topic. For me, I change the way I begin seasonally. It all depends on where I am in my faith journey—what life is like at that moment.

In this season of life, I am using Shauna Niequist’s, Savor. It is a 365 daily devotional that provides a scripture, story/thought, prayer, and recipes. YES, recipes, ya’ll. After I read it, I open my Bible to that scripture provided. And that’s where I start! I love reading at least two different translations (read all about different translations of the Bible here).


Then, I S.O.A.P.! What the heck is that?! For real, I got you, boo. S.O.A.P is simply an acronym for the process of reading and writing out a SCRIPTURE, OBSERVATION, APPLICATION, and PRAYER.

First, I write out the SCRIPTURE I want to study. I might even write two translations if I have the space.


Next, I jot down my OBSERVATION of what I just read. Sometimes the devotional helps me, sometimes God shows me something totally different.

Thirdly, by the time I have done the first two steps, I instantly know how I need to apply it to my life. And that’s the next step, write down that APPLICATION yo!


Finally, and most importantly (IMO), PRAYER. This is a space where I write down what I have already been praying out loud to my Heavenly Father. Sometimes, I keep it simple…other times, I am a blubbering mess. The latter truly occurs more often. I am a feeler and I cry those prayers out—many of my Faith Warrior sheets have dried up tear drops on them. 😅 Those are the best days.



Honestly, this should have been another disclaimer at the top: I feel like I am learning how to read the Bible for the first time all over again. For the last few years, I have been all about pleasing others and making my gifts known. I studied the Bible for production and creative purposes, not to feed my soul and become more Christlike. Did God use it to bring others to Him and teach me through it all? ABSOLUTELY. That’s how gracious and loving our God is. But now, now He is tenderly taking me under His wing and calming the anxiety within. He’s wiping away every tear and silencing every ounce of guilt and shame. I am beyond grateful, and I am learning and growing right there with you.


So whether you’re a beginner, been reading the Bible for years, or want to know how to use S.O.A.P. + The Happy Planner® to strengthen your faith walk, the most important thing is we are in His Word to fill our wells.

First, it starts within and then…then the overflow can begin.


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