My 2019 Planner Lineup 🎉


Happy LAST WEEKEND OF 2018! WHAT?! Like many of you, I am trying to wrap my mind around the fact that 2018 is coming to an end. I was just getting used to this year…anyone else?

But with a new year comes NEW PLANNERS! I already know 2019 is going to be a big year for the Canant familia, so I wanted to make sure I had just the right planner for each part of our lives. Yes, each. That word right there answers the age-old question, why do those crazy planner girls have more than one planner?!


For me, each planner holds goals, plans (duh), and a touch of creativity for every area of my life. I like to give each part its own time and attention—a sort of compartmentalization. And ever since I dove head first into this awesome planner community, I have seen a MAJOR improvement in each area. In 2018, planning helped us realize that our personal life was too full…too “busy”. Planning helped me set big scary goals for work; and ultimately, aided in my newly-founded entrepreneurship life. Planning held my head on straight as I re-entered the STAHM world. Planning kept my hands busy when my mind was suffering and utterly exhausted. Planning pushed me to grow in my faith—putting me more and more into God’s Word. Planning has been fuel for each part of this rich, beautiful, God-breathed life. This babe is forever grateful for it all.

So as 2019 veers its hopeful head, I carefully picked planners (to the best of my ability, but made oh-so-easy thanks to The Happy Planner®) that would help me in each area I want to grow in. It’s a bit different than normal…I don’t have an OWL (one little word) for this year…I simply have areas I want to focus on, a few people I want to serve and invest in, and BIG projects to pour my creativity and God-given talents into. And that’s it. I am choosing to continue the theme of being present over perfect and resting when I need to. Sounds like the best year this babe can have!

Well, that was more than I anticipated to type out. You’re welcome. 😉

Backstory finished. Here’s my 2019 Happy Planner® Lineup!


I cannot wait to play around with this new layout, especially the weekly! I think it will help me split up my to-do’s, needs, and events much better. I will definitely share as I find a rhythm with it!


I have already been using this Dashboard Extension pack from Michaels in my Soft Geos MINI and IT IS EVERYTHING. This little babe travels with me, is basically a duplicate of my CLASSIC personal, and holds lists upon lists as I think of things on the go. Do you use a MINI duplicate as well?


This is something very new for me…I tend to use journals to capture my devotional thoughts and prayers. But this year, one of my main goals is to get in to the Word of God A LOT more by using the S.O.A.P. method. The new Happy Planner Girl™ Faith Warrior line is perfect for this! I really want to look back at the end of 2019 and flip through all God taught and revealed to me. This is for me—for my personal spiritual growth which will overflow onto others. I AM READY!


This BIG BOY is going to be all-things ENTRE for this babe—photography, Social Media, maybe YouTube… Would any of you babes be interested in a YouTube?! This will catch it all and be a place where big scary goals are written down. Now, BIG Horizontal is new so let’s see how it goes! I will be sure to share my journey with it. If all else fails, BIG Farmhouse is there to catch me since it is a 2018-2019. 😂


So there you have it! My 2019 planner lineup! What are you using?! I can’t wait to see what you all create throughout the year. Let’s do this, babes!


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