National Piña Colada Day


Tomorrow is NATIONAL PIÑA COLADA DAY! And to celebrate, because this is one of my favorite drinks and an easy one to make at home, I am sharing my favorite recipe and a special Piña Colada “Plan With Me” over on my YouTube channel! 🎉

I spent last summer making batches of this goodness and testing out different recipes and ingredients and I think I have found a pretty dang delicious one! Also, with Philip being the marg king in our home, I had to find a drink of my own. 😉

So get ready to pin, print, and punch this recipe below (add it to your recipe board and to your Happy Planner®), and let’s celebrate this week!


Lastly, check out my special “Piña Colada Plan With Me” YouTube below!

Okay, now stay thirsty my friends and drink responsibly! Haha!