Book Art | Meet Meden Studio

Today on the blog, I get the insane honor of introducing you to one of my favorite people on planet earth and closest friends—Jess Mileur (aka Meden Studio).  

Jess is the designer for my book, The Gift of Suffering, and she is creating the artwork that will communicate the message of this book. AND SO FAR, SHE HAS NAILED IT.

But first...


Yesterday on Instagram, I shared how nothing has been going according to plan with this entire book writing process. It has been stressful finding moments to write in the midst of chasing toddlers, working with other clients, and doing 200 loads of laundry a day. So I keep finding myself behind on my timeline...but that’s just it, it’s MY timeline. I have no doubt that this is all happening on God’s time which is what truly matters. However, lately I have had some awesome writing nights, knocking out chapter-after-chapter. And I have seen a pattern...

When I am at a stressful point, when life is extra nuts, when I am suffering, these are the moments when God calls me to sit quietly and gives me the exact words to write. Because this book is about realizing the gift suffering is, I can visibly see how God wants me to write FROM that very place. It’s hard and painful, but I can promise each and every one of you that blood, sweat, and tears have gone into this work. And if this book helps just one soul, it is all worth it. 


I won’t be sharing the date just yet, but I will say that it’s coming either at the end of this year or early next year. The exact date will be announced in the coming months, but it is coming along very well. It finally feels REAL. And I will continue to share the process with you all to keep you hyped and because I think it’s fun! 


One thing I do want to share is that even though I haven’t stayed on the writing timeline I set for myself and that whole area has been a bit messy, the design process has been WOW. Working with Jess has been pain-free and beautiful, a true God-thing. I knew I could put together the look and design for this book, but I didn’t want that added stress. Also, I wanted someone who truly knew me well to create the artwork for this. And lastly, Jess and I have been to battle together. We both worked at the same church before venturing out on the path’s God put before us and it was a TOUGH season. But we kept each other focused and prayed-up until we got to the promised land, baby! I will forever be grateful for a friend who both understands the same suffering and has my back. I think God knew what He was doing because here we are and it all clicks. I am in awe of what she has created so far and I know you will be, too. 

So without further delay, here are is the mood board, font choices, and colors for The Gift of Suffering!  All designed by Meden Studio (hit her up her for your design needs)!


We pinned these images and instantly saw a theme coming together! SWOON with us, please. 



Jess has been holding onto these fonts and she pulled from her vault for me, y’all! Now that is true friendship. She explains them both below. Aren’t they STUNNING and BOLD?! 



These are the words I provided to Jess of what I wanted the artwork to communicate—a lot of juxtaposition going on here but exactly the heart and soul of the work. I want the art, just as much as the writing, to make hurting people feel understood yet bringing glimmers of hope, love, and light to their darkness and suffering. I also included the word “modern” because I don’t want this book to look like any other faith-based work out there. I want ANY and EVERY body to be drawn to it. 



Lastly, I want to share the colors with you because they are extremely important. Just as I stated above with the verbal discovery words, I wanted the colors to communicate both joy and sorrow, light and dark, pure and emotional TRUTH. These are absolutely perfect. And if you know me, you know these colors represent me so well. THE YELLOW. 😍



Here is the very first look at the artwork for The Gift of Suffering. Let me know your thoughts below and be sure to give Jess a follow on Instagram ( and check out her rad website RIGHT HERE. Who else is STOKED?! 

Thank you, Jess, for putting your all into this. Let’s keep bringing the light and love! THE BEST IS YET TO COME! 🙌🏽