Suffering in this Skin + Hello Bliss ✨


I am going to talk about something very near and dear to my heart these days...SKIN BABY. Growing up, I really didn’t know how to take care of my skin. I had oily seasons, dry seasons, and I suffered from a lot of skin issues—moles that need to be checked regularly (I had one removed), sensitive skin (I used to break out in hives A LOT), and I have recently developed mild psoriasis. And something that isn’t discussed a lot...being a brown girl with uneven skin tones. I knew I needed to get this skin healthy and under control!


Better known as the awkward skincare years, zits and extremely oily skin ruled a lot of my life, so I didn’t even try that hard. I was also still fairly traumatized from late Elementary when Justin, the class bully, pulled my sleeve up during gym and showed everyone my extremely large mole. I will never forget the humiliation as I bursted into tears in front of the entire 6th grade. Little did I know, just a little over a year later, I would have to have that mole removed because of it was showing signs of unhealthy growth and could become a serious problem later in life. I now have to get checked regularly (which I haven’t in a long time; someone please yell at me). 

Let’s speed up a few years...


It wasn’t until my college years that I began the search for skincare products and learn how to take better care of my body. And what I found out in those 4 years is that I am allergic to most drugstore brands, yes even brands like Dove and AVEENO. So I went the other route and started trying all natural products, but then I found that I was allergic to even more of those! Between breaking out in hives and rashes all of the time, once I got married, I decided to try the more expensive brands. It was a hit to our pocketbook, but it was slightly working. I settled.


Fast forward to NOW, and for the past 6 months, I have tried 4 different skincare brands and had two skin consultations at Sephora to try and figure out what to use. Some brands left me broken out, some literally BURNED my skin, and then...BLISS BABY. Thanks to one of my besties, I have FINALLY found a brand that is working extremely well for my combination skin AND it is affordable. God bless you Jess + Bliss.


Here are some of my favorite products so far!  

Rose Gold Rescue™

Both the Gentle Foaming Cleanser and the Moisturizer have been GAME CHANGERS for my sensitive skin. I use them both in the morning and at night!

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Makeup Melt™

When it comes to removing makeup, Bliss® is on top of it! These are my *NEW* favorite makeup removing wipes. 

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Face Masks

I have a *NEW* obsession with masks, all kinds, give them to me! 15 minute masks, to eye masks, to overnight masks, I want to try them and these two are my FAVS so far from Bliss®.  

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Want to know more about how to apply and use them all? Check out my latest YOUTUBE video for more! SAY WHAT?! YUP, your girl is now on YouTube. 🙌🏽 Subscribe and keep up with even more Erica craziness! Video below. 

Lastly, do you have a favorite line or have any questions? Hit me up and let me know if you can relate! But if I can encourage you in with one thing, take the health of your skin seriously. I know from years of ups and downs that our skin needs to be taken care of, not just for our health but for our soul! As a mama, pampering my skin brings such a calm and peace to my body. I don’t wear makeup a lot and I have never felt more confident BARE FACED!