Since the latest release by The Happy Planner®, you better believe I switched up my Faith Warrior game so that I could utilize the stunning and *NEW* Faith Happy NOTES™! I have also received many questions about how I am using everything in the Faith line and how to do multiple studies with it all.

Here’s how and why I am using these great and beautiful planning tools.



At the beginning of the year, I started a study on Matthew (Following Jesus: Through the Gospels in a Year by Stephanie Schwartz) but I was still trekking through Savor by Shauna Niequist, so it was perfect timing for the release of the Faith Happy NOTES™! I figured it would be easier to move my Savor devotional into the new notes because it was horizontal with more space to write and that freed up Faith Warrior for the Matthew study. 


I do continue to use the monthly view to jot down my reading goals for each day. See this post for what I am talking about.

For the weekly layout, I lightly decorate it (usually sticking with ‘Faith Warrior’ stickers *pun intended* tehehe) and I write down the chapters and verses each day at the top to match what’s on my monthly view.


I get a lot of questions about how I use the miscellaneous pages following the week and I have a short and sweet answer for you all: sometimes I do and a lot of times I don’t. When I do, I use stickers to cover up spaces I won’t fill in or to replace with a topic or habit I want to track. These pages are great to do as you feel led to with whatever study you are going through. They are great for taking notes at church, writing longer thoughts and prayers, or to get your creative vibes out and use those stickers!




Shauna Niequist has quickly become one of my best friends...she just doesn’t know it yet. We are very similar writers, feelers, and thought processors. Her daily devotions in Savor tend to speak directly to my life and match almost exactly what I am going through. That, my friends, is some good ol’ Holy Spirit at work! And because I started this devotional late in 2018, I knew I wanted to start from the beginning in 2019. Best decision ever! 


It’s now April and as I flip back, I am thankful to have a daily horizontal S.O.A.P. space to write out everything God is showing me through both His scriptures and my friend, Shauna. 

To help me keep track of what I am reading daily, I pulled out an old dashboard and used a list pad from the ‘Faith Warrior’ Accessory Book. 

Then each day, I follow the S.O.A.P. reading method. If you didn’t catch my post on S.O.A.P. CLICK HERE. It is a great way to break down the verses you are reading in the Bible—it will help you understand them better and then apply them to your life.


HOW ARE YOU USING THE Faith warrior & notes system? 

This is how I am keeping track of two studies using all of the incredible tools from The Happy Planner®. But I want to hear from you! What studies are you going through? How are you using Faith Warrior of the Faith Happy NOTES™

Lastly, here is an Amazon list for the studies I am going through along with some of my favorite study tools/accessories. 


I hope you are inspired to dive into your Bible and study or studies this weeks! And while these planner tools are gorgeous and fun, more than anything, they capture my heart, soul, tears, prayers, and moments with God. When I flip through and see all He has done in my life, I am in complete awe. Let Him speak to you, pour out your soul on these pages, and I guarantee you will be in awe as well.