Fancy Phonework - My Fav Apps for the Gram

You asked for it! Literally, many of you have begged for a “how do I make my Instagram content look that cool?!” blog. So here you go! I will do my best to deliver a good amount of tips and tricks, but if you have any other questions, hit me up in the comments below. I believe in helping over hoarding and I want to share the fancy fun we can ALL have when it comes to creating content for Instagram (aka the gram). 


But first...

Why does it matter? 

One of the reasons why I spend time on [mostly] every piece of content I put out in the social sphere is because I aim for quality over quantity. Now, quantity over quality can work. I know people who work hard to put out as much content as humanly possible and IT WORKS. It all depends on what you want to do—what is your why? If you are an artist, you should probably focus on quality over quantity. If you are simply sharing your life or selling an item that doesn’t revolve around a certain aesthetic, quantity can work. 

There also used to be a rhyme and reason with the algorithm; but now, consistency and engaging with your gram fam is KEY. And because that topic is a completely separate blog post (stay tuned), for this one, I really want you to think about your why when it comes to your little corner of the IG world.

My why for putting so much time into quality over quantity is to strive to share my faith and make a living through writing, photography, and other creative avenues. Who would hire me for Photography services if I didn’t take good pictures? Who would contract me out for social media work if I wasn’t good at running my own social? Who would purchase my book if I didn’t put out quality blogs leading up to its release? Know your why. 



What if I told you that you did not have to post in the moment?! *GASP* I hardly ever do! Making quality stories and content means TIME. Now, I have developed quick thumbs over the years, but it still takes me a good amount of time to create a string of creative stories. 

Here are some short and sweet tips to begin with:

  • DO NOT, I REPEAT, DO NOT use your gram cam! Unless you want those cutsie filters, use your iPhone camera. The quality is MUCH better that way
  • LIVE IN THE MOMENT! Now that you are using your iPhone camera, you can record videos, snap photos, put your phone away, and create stellar content to POST LATER
  • REMEMBER - you are telling a story, so when you take time to edit and put together your content later, it’s a better story. Peeps are more likely to watch it all. I have tested this theory!  
  • LASTLY, CLEAN YO LENS - wonder why your photos and videos have that soft white haze? Your lens is dirty. Give it a quick wipe. You’re welcome 😉 


When it comes to editing iPhone photos, I have 3 go-to apps: VSCO, Lightroom CC, and Snapseed

VSCO is my Instagram Story one-stop shop. I have 2 filters set as my favorites and I tweak them as needed. 


Lightroom CC by Adobe is the program I use for my professional photos, but I also throw in my iPhone photos when I want to get extra fancy or use a preset I have saved. I also have an organized library that automatically saves to the cloud and syncs between all of my devices. BLESS.


Snapseed is by Google and another great app for easy editing and for one tool specifically, the healing tool! If I need to take something minor out of a photo real quick, that healing brush is a life saver!


So now that you have your photos all pretty and edited, what next? Want to make a fun slideshow video or a lay out your photos using a cool grid? Here are my two go-to apps and a little step-by-step process.


Unfold is the app I use most when it comes to photo-only stories. Whether it’s placing my photos in a Polaroid, a funky layout, or different shape, this app can do it all! Get even more original by placing a video in one of the templates as well! This is the app I use when I do a still image next to a video in my stories. I definitely get that question a lot.

My one main tip when it comes to using it for video: click that little recycle button in the bottom left corner so the video doesn’t loop. 👌🏽

Here are a few ways I use this app to create unique stories for my gram. 



Now this one is the money maker! INSHOT is by far my favorite gram BAM content creator app. Want to make a stop motion? It can do that. Want to make a video for your main feed? It can do that. Want to make a video with still images? It can do that. Want funky effects and transitions, music, cinematic overlays, retro filters, and animated illustrations?! It does ALL that and more. 

My one tip with this app: purchase it! It is well worth the monthly/yearly cost.

Here’s a step-by-step of how I made one short little video: 

Adjust the settings until you get it to the style you want or a use a filter! 

Adjust the settings until you get it to the style you want or a use a filter! 


Add music, transitions (if you add another video or splice it up), effects, stickers, etc. 9:16 is the size for Instagram story. If you pinch the image and shrink it, you can select a background color OR image to give it a completely different vibe.  

The possibility are endless with InShot!  


I hope some of these tips will help you snazzy-up your gram game. For those who made it to the very end of this blog, I applaud you and shall now reward you with one BIG and FINAL tip: if you consistently tell stories on your Instagram and put a little fresh take on them, you will start to notice bump-after-bump on your viewing audience AND it will even help your visibility when you post on your main feed as well!  🙌🏽

It’s worth repeating: CONSISTENCY IS KEY.

And if it isn’t apparent, I LOVE SOCIAL MEDIA. I have run many social media accounts for both businesses and non-profits over the last 8 years, yet it still requires DAILY research due to the ever-changing and evolving digital era we live in. I live for the constant changes and challenges! 

If you have any questions, post them below and I will give them an answer!

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