Hello 31 👋


I am one week into my 31st year of life and what a WILD ride it has been! This year has already been a big one, but it just keeps blowing my mind. God has been showering His gal with some sprinkles of favor, love, and gifts after just a hard 2017. I am so excited to share what has been going on in case you missed an Instagram post (because Lord knows I post a whole lot), or if you just don’t care about Social Media and want to read a good ol’ fashion blog post…then this one is for you! ;)


First up, I have to share just how awesome the celebration was. I wanted a lowkey birthday, but yea right, that didn’t happen thanks to some of the best people on the planet. Everyone from my husband, my kiddos, mi familia, my best friend, to my teammates at work, to the kick-butt planner community made this just the BEST birthday ever.

I also got me next tattoo, designed by the one-and-only, Jessica Mileur. She scripted "Fear Not" for me and Kady over at Mainstay Tattoo carved it in. Over a year ago, I decided on 2-3 words regarding fear as my next tattoo. Low and behold, our women's conference at church was just that theme. And being the over thinker I am, I didn't want anyone to think I was getting this tattoo because of our conference. Haha! But truly, who flipping cares. Proceed to roll your eyes at me... So, I thought birthday time was the perfect time. This tattoo means so much. It represents the battle with fear and anxiety that is real and ever-present in my life, how I don't want to pass it on in my family, and to remind me to pause and worship any time I feel it creeping back in. I am thankful for this new piece of art on my body, this holy temple that God created.

Here are some photos highlighting this stellar week. Thank you to everyone who took the time to make this chica feel loved. You are true gems in my life.


Then the celebration continued… My sister graduated from Abilene Christian University and my Emmy and Elly graduated from Kindergarten and Pre-K. To say that there have been some tears is an understatement—more like waterfalls. I think I am caught up on my 2018 years’ worth of crying just in this month alone.

Marvel at some educational glory below.

Crafty Ass Female Podcast

Next up, I got to be a guest on the Crafty Ass Female Podcast. What the what?! One of my bestest gal pals, Amanda “Bae” Zampelli, asked me to come on her new podcast with, my new awesome friend, Kristin Tweedale. I was hesitant for a second and then I was like, HECK YES. No fear. Let’s do this! And can I just say, these girls are real rock stars. They are professional as all get out. They prepped me so well, planned thoroughly, and made me feel so comfy—it was like I was simply sitting with them at a coffee shop. This was so much fun, you guys. We talked about everything from being a wife, being a mom, my job, planning, crafting, social media, dealing with anxiety, and OKurrrrrr! Cardi B. I had such a blast! If you haven’t listened yet, click the image below!

The Happy Planner Squad®

OKurrrrr! Next up, THE HAPPY PLANNER® SQUAD!! Yesterday, the amazing, talented, loving, bright, and beautiful babes over at The Happy Planner® dropped the major news that 21, yes 21, babes were chosen to be a part of this year’s team of enthusiasts. AND, they gave this Latina another go at it! I am beside myself, grateful, and so expectant for this year. I can’t wait to get to know even more of the beautiful people in this community and keep creating for a brand and company that I believe wholeheartedly in. I am STOKED! See the team below. Congrats to all! And to those who didn’t make it, YOU are a part of this community for a reason. The things that were “no’s” in my life were for a reason. The “yes’s” were for a reason. Treasure both. You have a purpose on this planet that only YOU can do. Keep creating and YOU WILL FIND that purpose.

Go give all these babes a follow below!

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Last but certainly not least, my book you guys! Today, I finished writing the chapter titled, “A Gift?”. And something I realized (you hear me talk about it on the Crafty Ass Female) is that I don’t want to write this book alone. I truly want to blog my journey through this book. Are you interested? Do you want to venture along with me as I pen the great amERICAn novel?!

For those who are new friends, in 2019, I am self-publishing my solo work titled, “The Gift of Suffering.” This non-fiction poece will take you through story-after-story of suffering I and others have endured physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually and how it is all A GIFT.

For my next blog, how about a piece from the chapter I just wrote? Let’s do it! Below is s sneak peak into the passage of scripture I wrote about.


Alright gals and guys, thanks for reading a little update on Club Canant. Until next time, do something creative! You won’t regret it.